Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overdue for a post....

After one year (and several days) I have come to realize that I love my wife more than ever. It is amazing how the Lord has continuously blessed our relationship in so many ways. To have such a sweet and wonderful woman who willingly stands by my side and help lift me up. Who supports me so well. When we are apart.. it helps me realize how much I need her.

Right now, she is visiting a friend in Utah for the week, and I am home alone. It has only been 4 days but they have been such a long 4 days. She is due back on Wed, but with the way greyhound has treated us.. I hope that is true. I cant stand her being gome for more than a week.. (I believe..). The quiet time I have had admittedly have been missing her alot! And sadly enough.. just seeing pictures of my beautiful wife make me miss her more! At least I have 3 more days to withstand... Here goes!

Well enough of that for now. Life at the new job is going great. Right now I am having to work my butt off (For reasons I can not elaborate on) and I am learning so much! Virus removal, system upgrades, webpages and SO much more. Lately it seems that I have been doing more virus removal than anything else. Even on my computer of all places. I despise Viruses.
On a lighter note. Christmas went great. We spent the Eve at a friends house playing games and relaxing. Christmas itself was spent playing 6 hours worth of risk. I did not win...but I did hold out until the last. After working the Friday after Christmas, and working the half week, Lauren and I took a weekend out of town and celebrated our anniversary a little early at a nice little place called the Hidden Moose Lodge. Over the weekend, we did some bowling and some Ice skating. It was a wonderful time even though technically we were both learning how to skate. ??? you say? well, I was trying to skate backwards while Lauren was trying to learn how to skate. We only fell once.. and it was my fault. I lost my balance while skating backwards and toppled us over.. not pleasant. Officially, we are hoping to skate again..

Well it is time to get some grub. Will catch yall later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. Do tell about her trip more. I love hearing about vacations. Were those pics I saw current> Sounds like you are ready for the wify to get back

11:41 AM, January 15, 2009  

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