Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Blog project..

To all of my faithful followers, I am obvously not on this blog any longer.. but i do want to invite you to my new blog... that will be more active. It is on my own computer and should be updated more often, when it is not offline as it will be from time to time.. Anyhow, check me out at

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overdue for a post....

After one year (and several days) I have come to realize that I love my wife more than ever. It is amazing how the Lord has continuously blessed our relationship in so many ways. To have such a sweet and wonderful woman who willingly stands by my side and help lift me up. Who supports me so well. When we are apart.. it helps me realize how much I need her.

Right now, she is visiting a friend in Utah for the week, and I am home alone. It has only been 4 days but they have been such a long 4 days. She is due back on Wed, but with the way greyhound has treated us.. I hope that is true. I cant stand her being gome for more than a week.. (I believe..). The quiet time I have had admittedly have been missing her alot! And sadly enough.. just seeing pictures of my beautiful wife make me miss her more! At least I have 3 more days to withstand... Here goes!

Well enough of that for now. Life at the new job is going great. Right now I am having to work my butt off (For reasons I can not elaborate on) and I am learning so much! Virus removal, system upgrades, webpages and SO much more. Lately it seems that I have been doing more virus removal than anything else. Even on my computer of all places. I despise Viruses.
On a lighter note. Christmas went great. We spent the Eve at a friends house playing games and relaxing. Christmas itself was spent playing 6 hours worth of risk. I did not win...but I did hold out until the last. After working the Friday after Christmas, and working the half week, Lauren and I took a weekend out of town and celebrated our anniversary a little early at a nice little place called the Hidden Moose Lodge. Over the weekend, we did some bowling and some Ice skating. It was a wonderful time even though technically we were both learning how to skate. ??? you say? well, I was trying to skate backwards while Lauren was trying to learn how to skate. We only fell once.. and it was my fault. I lost my balance while skating backwards and toppled us over.. not pleasant. Officially, we are hoping to skate again..

Well it is time to get some grub. Will catch yall later!

Monday, December 01, 2008

December! The time for giving, singing, and

snow, which is one thing we still do not have in Missoula. What is a white Christmas without snow? I do not know but I do have a sneaking suspicion that I may find out... soon! 20 days of the Christmas season.. and as usual, I am scrambling for gifts. At least this year, I have better ideas than most years. This year, I have a wife to celebrate Christmas with. It has been a wonderful year filled with wonderful blessings and answers to prayer. It is hard enough to realize that it will be our first anniversary on Jan 6th. Where has the year gone?

Well enough of that. My IT job is going great. I have learned so much and am looking forward to every day! It is great to have an 8 to 5 job that I love.

Oops, time for work. Will post more later!

Monday, November 17, 2008

First day as a geek

Soooo... my first day at the office was great. I got to go to 2 field locations for clients having networking issues. I reinforced some knowledge... and learned some more. I have a desk, Laptop, company phone, and for the running I have to do in my car...well reimbursement! I am completely looking forward to the next weeks... months! I will keep you posted as my new job unfolds. Until then.. Later Ya'll

words from the black hole

Ok so I finally have a few moments to sit down and post on this almost dead blog. I am beginning my new IT intern job here in Missoula. The job is finally within walking distance of home so I am being cheap and walking to work. It looks like a nice 30 min walk will do the trick. Not to mention, how much gas I will be saving.

In other news... the weeks have been crazy. A memorial service for my grandma, Mom coming to visit... LONG.................. days at the satellite place (12 hr days) and just life. sheesh.

well before I dart off again... PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a picture of my wife and I in Colorado on the day of the memorial service. none the less.... picture!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

A time to remember....

As time passes, so do we. This curse of death once again rears its head and strikes. Sometimes it is someone unknown to us... and other times.. sadly, it strikes close to home. Well, This is the case here with the passing of my grandmother after a long drawn out battle with Alzheimer's. She passed peacefully last night (Wednesday) at Fairbanks Memorial hospital. Her will to live kept her fighting for the absolute last moment and died with dignity. It has been said by several members of hospital staff to my mom that loved ones often hang on to life as long as someone that they care for is by their side. This was indeed the case here. Mom had spent 7 hours by her side, watching over her... caring for her.... when finally from recommendations by hospital staff, reluctantly and tiredly worked her way home. Not 30 min after getting home... "the call" came in. Grandma had finally passed away peacefully and seemed to not have experienced any pain. Grandma had fought with all her might all her life.. never gave up.. and sure did not in her last hours.

The support mom has received has been so wonderful. From the hospital staff (food service, nursing, housekeeping etc.) , the church, friends, and family, I have not had to worry about people looking after mom in this hour. As of right now, we are beginning to work out the final details about the funeral which is to be held in Colorado Springs, CO. It is my intentions (and my wife's) to go to this funeral and say our final goodbye until we see her in heaven someday.

One way, the trip will take us about 13hours to drive from Missoula to just south of Denver. The drive will be a new trip for us and we wont get any sightseeing in. But at least we will know the route to my other grandparents come Christmas if all goes well. Please keep us all in prayers as we deal with these things.

I am sorry again that no photos have been posted... we have been busy and especially now... will have little time for the next week.. I will get some soon.
Until a happier note...


Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Well the month of October is beginning quite well.. mainly with the beginning of my new job installing Dish Network TV dishes. Not only am I doing basic cable runs.. I am now learning about satellites and dish alignment. In my first 3 days, I racked up only 28 hours of work but learned a TON! On top of that... well I spent a lot of money just to meet the job requirements.. IE, Tools. Most of the tools are things I would normally use on house projects.. and there are only a couple of tools that I would only use in this line of work... but this line of work seems to keep surfacing in my work history over the past 2 years. At least I now get to travel around Montana and see more of the country. This week is training, and next week, I should be turned out on my own. The only gripe so far is they have me scheduled for Sundays even after I specifically mentioned every time I talked about my employment I did not want to work that day. I suppose I will see what the Lord has in store.

In family news, Grandma (the one with Alzheimer) has once again come down with pneumonia and the doctors are worried about her. So worried, they called mom and let her know. Needless to say, we are asking prayers for the Lord to help us through this time.

I leave you with this note:

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week.
Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote 'The Hokie Pokey' died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in... And then the trouble started.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


so I found out today that my laptop should be done tomorrow... we hope. Ergo... I will be posting more as originally promised... including photos.

My job search may be coming to a close.. with the last piece of paperwork in the to-do box of DMV... I should be able to give my 2 weeks notice, and just in time. Not sure what has got Mr. P in a rampage but he is taking it out on the washbay.... again. :( This round has officially got me and my co-worker worried with the words "this is your last chance". No matter what we do... or how we do it, we are wrong... he is right. No if, and, or but. Even the shop supervisor is puzzled and at a loss as to how to appease this man. (I believe that nothing will please him period). It will be a blessing to give my 2-weeks notice for I will not have to put up with Mr. P's horse hocky for much longer, nor fight to get needed supplies. I will miss driving the 18-wheelers but the tense atmosphere will not be missed. I don't recall if I said already or not... but I will be installing satellite tv systems for Dish Network. And at a pay increase... maybe get some bills paid.

Rumor has it that I am to soon to become an uncle (on my side of the family). Casey and his wife Tiffany are expecting some time soon this next month. After the new year... it is rumored the trio will be on TDY to Germany. This at least means that Casey will get to help raise his new child vs. going to Iraq as first thought. This is definately an answer to prayer. Before he moves, Mom is going to attempt to come down to the states and see her new grandbaby and maybe even get a chance to stop by Montana. We shall see what the future holds.

Family pix.... My family pix.. are soon to come... PLEASE HANG IN THERE!!!!!!
Well I have to do some research for a friend... Later!