Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Beginning of the end! Yukon Quest 2005

Well folks, The first 5 teams have finally made it to the finish line in warm, sunny Fairbanks. What a way to end the race, clear blue skies, 8 minutes ahead of your opponent.....8 Minutes?!?!?! That's right! Lance Mackey finished the race @ 13:12 (1:13 Local Time) only 8 minutes ahead of William Kleedehn. Not a bad finish for one who began the race in 8th place. As of the time of this post the Yukon Quest- Race Update reported that a total 5 mushers into Fairbanks. With 7 more mushers on the trail, the race should be over within the next few days. It has been a wonderful race with a wonderful group of volunteers who helped make this race happen. With out the help of the volunteers, there would not be the option of keeping a site such as up to date with realtime checkpoint information. Please keep this in mine when you dish out the kudos to the Yukon Quest officials and racers, to share some of the thanks to the behind the scene workers such as the radio operators, pilots, and other volunteers.

Thanks for your support to allow these mushers to run the toughest race in the north.

Race times used from the Yukon Quest website.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Hello again. I'm back to try and complete another assignment for class.
Today's first topic is IRC:
IRC is a good tool for finding out information real-time...similar to MSN-messenger and others. IRC is better in the fact that one can have a group discussion about a problem vs. one-on-one. Groups allow multipul people to collaberate ideas easily and allow others in the group to observe at the same time. In comparison to other "Chatrooms" I have used, this one is a bit hard until i can learn the commands.

Topic: Usenet
Usenet and groups are another useful tool to use for research. Usenet allows an individual to ask a group a question, then check back later for an answer. This is handy when you don't have the resourses to be on a live chat-room to find the answer.
Enjoy your day.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Extra!!!Extra!!! Land for sale!!!

Well this is my last post in relation to the assignment given a week ago.
Title: Realestate

Plain and simple. This blog is dedicated to guessed it: Real Estate. I won't say much about it because there is not much to say. It is just a boring link page which has no information, just links to various areas around the US. If you are looking for a place to settle down, you might be able to use this resource.
Classification: Boring Sales site.

Lions...... Tigers and ........UFO???

Well, here we are again reviewing blogs to finish the assignment given last week. One of today's blogs include a UFO site given to the world of UFO enthusiasts.

Title: UFO Enigma Blog

This site is a blog dedicated to UFO sightings and has some "... must-have for UFO believers!" links included. I'm not one for believing in UFOs but I do enjoy a link away from my reality from time to time.
Classification: Unidentified Blog.

Stay tuned for the last post for this assignment!!