Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I do!!

Yes... "I do!" will be coming from my lips but is seems not as we had originally planned.... but sooner. The original plan was to have a wedding on June 6th but now... after much unrest... prayer.... and even more conversing with the Lord... My fiancee and I are looking in to getting married sometime in Janurary. This decision has been fought with for some time... and not wanting to rush things... put off. After many nights discussing the possibilty of an earlier marrage, we finally sought counsel from our pastor who helped give valuable wisdom and advice that allowed us to come to the decision to seriously look into getting married sooner. Nothing is "official" yet... but may soon be.. will try to keep everyone posted. As for the countdown timer.... that is the estimated time... Jan 6th. We will see if this is what the Lord allows.....

In other news.... Casey has finished his basic training and is now in Tech school in Missouri. He is being trained as a conveoy driver. This means that not only will he be driving anything that has wheels (Busses, 18Wheelers, Forklift, etc...) but he is at a HIGH chance of getting deployed over-seas. So far... he is handling the air force farely well and is not too stressed out. He has found a cell phone plan that at least allows him to be able to call home and friends a bit more often... but with his current schedule... and various rules he still can't call as much. None the less.. it is good to hear from him from time to time.

Mom and Dad are still doing fine. Mom is staying busy. She is feeling at a loss since she is loosing her two boys... almost all at once. Dad is still about the same... still walks to North Pole and back when he is not hurting. ...

Well I am running short on time... Have a plane to catch to visit my sweetheart. It is a short "vacation" but none the less... one weekend is better than 3 months apart.... and a brief reprieve from the 2 monts... so far.

Catch you later.