Friday, February 08, 2008

Its springtime at home...

Yes... well..... ok so it is still winter in my new home of Montana. It is the equivalent to an alaskan springtime and I will admit I am loving it! Not having to worry about -50F and whether my car will start is now a thing of the past.... for now.

I have been in Mt for 2 weeks now and slowly setteling in. With the reassurance of a new job (beginning Monday) I am in much better spirits than I have been. I do miss my friends in Fairbanks and don't have many friends here in Mt as of yet so the days do tend to be long. At least I have my wonderful Wife to cling to. We are both doing well and staying entertained by the new addition to the family. I never realised how much fun a kitten can be and my hand is slowly recovering from the kittens playfulness. (yes, I asked for some of those scratches.) Mitch is a black cat bursting full of energy. I will try to get a picture soon... I hope. Internet is still a rare thing here since bills come first... Hopefully we will have the Net at home soon.

Well that is my brief update for now. If you want to hear from me.... drop a note and I will try to email or call... Untill then!