Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a nice surprise! FINALLY!

OK so some background first....
You all know that I was expecting Lauren to arrive yesterday. well.... no such luck. After hearing that her air plane was turned back to Missoula for mechanical problems, we patiently awaited word of her departure. No such luck... for the next call I got from her was to let me know that her flight had been canceled and they were rescheduling. SIGH! Well, after spending the night alone, sad, and out of sorts... It was bound to be a better day.. Or so I hoped.

As of now, Lauren is safely en rout to Fairbanks where she is to arrive early (according to this is definately lifting my spirits and I am no longer claiming that there is still rumor that she is coming home! I get more and more excited as I wait for my love to come in. We still have some details to work out for our wedding.. and some things to get... but none the less, I am glad I get to see her again!

It is funny... the thing we call Love. It causes one to long... no crave the other.

Physically: I long to hold her hand as I walk through the stores, guiding, following, and the silent ' I love you' squeeze. The tingling of my lips as I remember the way we kiss.

Mentally: That true friend on earth. Closer than my best friend ( Don't get me wrong.. I love my friend.. my 'other' brother), the one I can go to with anything, no matter how personal. The one who is there to comfort me when I am low... The one to comfort her when she is low... The shoulder to cry on, and to be cried on... to crave the company of my future wife.. and to already have a small glimpse of what a blessing it is and will be.

Spiritually: Someone to help encourage, and to be encouraged. A partner, a help when it comes to making decisions about church, family, etc.. The help-meet that the Lord has created. The one who faithfully challenges me to read the Bible... and The one who will read it with me.

So many blessings, so much encouragement, so much..... Love! This woman is so much more to me than I ever can explain.. for the words do no justice. I can not believe that the Lord had someone like this in store for me..

This past year (not yet over) has had so many things happen... The loss of a job... the changing of church membership, a beautiful, wonderful young woman has come into my life (soon to be my wife), Reconnecting with old friends, and the making of new ones... and even a now job once again.

Well, that seems to have been the end of my ramblings for the moment... Now to track down a friends phone number.
Until next time!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

T-Minus 26 days and counting!

So, my last visit/post may have seemed like a death warrent.. or a death wish of some sort... but none the less I am still here.
I get to see my girl in 3 days and am completely bouncing off the walls. Rushing around to clean the cabin, wrap (the still unwrapped presents) and get ready for my bride-to-be to come to town. The sunday after she gets in, we get to go into Taylord Gold and stones to view our custom wedding rings and place the order for the engraveing to be done. The rings will be exactly alike except for this engraving on the inside. We each have chosen the verse we want the other to wear... and no doubt, with pride. I selected a rather special verse from Proverbs 31:10-11. (I will edit this post later when I can get the Exact wording...) "Who can find a virtuous woman for her worth is greater than rubys....." Which is exactly how I feel about my Fiancee! Not much more is needing done to prepare for the wedding since the rings, dress, and location have been taken care of. I can not wait!!!

We finally have received a 'dusting' of much needed snow. only 1-2 inches have fallen and we still need more snow. At least is has not been around -20 below for long (If at all). I do have to admit that both Lauren and I (Eh, so much for nicknames...) both want it as cold as can be so we can fully enjoy our outdoor swim at Chena Hot springs this December and January. Other than that... nothing really new on this front...

Other news: We get to keep our Phone numbers!! That's right! my phone number will not be changing so my friends don't have to update their cell phone book! Cellular one is allowing us to remain on the national plan we have... therefore keeping the 907 area code. This makes it easy while I look for Jobs and the satellite install job wont have to track me down again. I am still waiting on a call back to see if they will do an interview telephonically... but we will see. Once again I find myself praying to the Lord about my job... What job would he have me get. We shall see!
Well, that is actually all for the moment.. Later!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Much ado about nothing....

(And yes I have seen the shakespear play)

I am not going to carry on about mindless ramblings I hope... but ramblings may not be out of the question... and since no-one really stops by to say hello anymore (Except my brother and Amber) I wonder if I should even keep this blog thing going. The blog to me feels like a thing of the past... an attempt to be more in touch with the world... and the feeling of being alone in this is not hard to miss. Should I keep this when I no longer feel in touch with some of my friends, silent readers... not hearing an encouraging word to keep my blog updated.... for now, the answer is yes.. When I am feeling lonely... apart from the world I used to know... I can still place my thoughts in a journal of sorts... to revive my creative outlet even though I feel that my friends no longer read...
As I sit in my dark living room, no one to talk to.... no reason to do anything but relax.. I try and think of who I can call... to visit with, chat with, catch up on news with.... at 8pm... well that eliminates anyone out of state...(I hate waking people up).... and with the discouragement that no one seems to call me... well....enough said. My thoughts go racing by as I try to think... about something to distract me from my tired state... my lonlyness... I can't help but wonder.. why to I feel so far from my friends... most of the time. I try to call some, e-mail others... myspace the few, and even Facebook my new friends... but most of the time.. they seem to busy. Granted I have joined the group of the working class, and soon will join the "family" group... but I still can't help but wonder how my elders can maintain such a good friendship with other busy families and still feel connected. Is it something I am doing wrong? Have I taken enough initiative to try and be friends with others.... or do I need to try harder? And of all things, why can my weekends be so different from those friends who I wish to be distracted by? I mean, Sunday and Monday! yes I can go to church, and get things done on Monday, but my friends all have Sat and Sun. Even my Fiancee has those days off. Why must I be set apart from them? (in case you have not figured out... I am having trouble with Mondays). I am so restless.... I am Exhausted... Sunday i am tired from a busy work week, an go home to rest... and Mondays... well you don't exactly kick back and hang with your buddies. And who wants to party or hang out on a weeknight.

Well I am back. I just got a timely phone call from my wife to be. Sharing my thoughts, feelings with her and getting her support and encouragement helped..... a true friend indeed! I look forward for the coming days when once again I am blessed with her presence... and yes, even as I begin the New Year off with my spouse. To be the same encouragement to her as she is me.... that is my prayer.

Thanks for listening... if you are still visiting this dimly lit doorstep.