Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A week already?!?!

Wow, I just realized that is has already been a week since I last updated. Maybe I should update when I have something to share and not just some mindless rambling. Anyhow, Work is going well and keeping me busy seems their primary goal (Laugh). Working an average of 9-10 hour days, it is rather hard having enough energy to drive out to see Spockerel. (By now you have figured I aonly use the names listed on my links). It seems the Lord allows just enough energy to visit her for a few hours before having to head home for bed. It is still amazing how the Lord continues to bless our relationship and we draw closer each day. It will be interesting to se what the future holds.
Back on work for a sec.... Looks like the supervisor may create a different shift. This shift will allow me to be off on Sundays! Keep me in prayer as this new glimmer of hope develops!
Until next week...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hi, Hello, I am still alive I think....

Well, survived my second week... but with my 'week' being offset of with I have normally considered a week..I am utterly becoming exhausted... with no hope of full recovery. Sundays have always forced me to slow down.. enjoy services, and enjoy just winding down. But with my Sunday being on a Wednesday, I just can't seem to slow down. And today, I am bushed... but have work to do... Schoolwork, vehicle repairs etc.
So, I should be going... this is mostly to say I am still alive.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Long time no post....

Sheesh... Since I began working at GCI, seems like I don't have much time to post.
Well, I survived my first week at work. I am still not thrilled about working on Sunday but I hope and pray that that will be changed soon. I REALLY missed Sunday services. So far, it seems like I am picking up on the basics rather fast, and picking up on the troubleshooting practices just as fast. After all, it is really similar to the stuff I have done in the past years, and it really is not hard to pick up on. I suppose we will see how the upcoming week goes...

Well, my Saturday went really well. Being a 'spring break Tuesday', I was able to spend some time with my girlfriend. After having breakfast at the Cookie Jar, we caught up with some church friends and watched their kids with our pastor while their parents went to a doctors appointment. Later we played a fun round of indoor mini-golf and watched "Oceans 12". We had a wonderful day together. I hope all of my 'weekends' are able to work out similar to how spring break seems to be working out. Well On to other projects.. Catch you all later!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The final word is in.....

Well, my supervisor (yes, my supervisor) called and stated that I passed the background check and now all I have to do is sign the papers. He also asked when I can begin, to which I replied as soon as you are ready. So with that, I begin working at 8am tomorrow morning.

Catch you around!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday, Tuesday, etc.....

Ok, so it is only Tuesday evening, but this week is shaping up to be..... er..... well..... aggravating. After spending all of yesterday worrying about a Mid-term, spilling Milkshake all over my driver side door, and getting picked for Jury Duty, I finally decided that it was just not my day. I ended up completing the evening on a good note by spending some time with my Girlfriend and her friend from campus. Today has been..... okay i guess. After fighting to get my dead battery out of my truck, I noticed a lot of corrosion in the battery pan, and that it had eaten a whole in the battery heater... BAD! So now, I have to buy a new heater pad, and clean the battery tray... and try to do it before A. it snows, and B. when it finally gets warm. (Yeah right, not till spring goof....) Anyhow, I am killing time waiting for my girl to get out of her mid-term exam.

Well. got to go.. later!

Friday, March 02, 2007

What part of "let it go" do you not undersand.....

Ok, so honestly this is primarily a raving rant...

What is it that people do not understand about the phrase 'forget it... Leave it lay.' How can you forget about your past when someone just keeps hitting you up-side the head with a shovel, and then digs the past up for you. Not to mention, it feels like it is just to start a conversation... in my perspective. AARRRGGGHHH!!!!! It is bad enough that you want to forget the issue..... but when it becomes the center of a conversation...... you can't run!!! I was worried that I acted rudely before excusing myself from the conversation. *sigh* Lord, grant me the patience, and the grace to leave this behind. Allow me to let the 'dead dog lie'.

Ok so I feel a bit better.... probably should try to do something productive..

Oh by the way..... No word on a start date for GCI..... Will keep you posted.