Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just a quick note...

Hey folks, just a quick not to say that I haven't forgot how to talk...not how to respond to comments..etc. I have been rather busy here over the past few days. If i am not car-pooling with Snowcam, I am hitting the workbench hard (Ie. 6am) Just does not leave much other time, and even less energy. I will try to post more as time permits.
Well should get ready for church...
Catch you all later


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday, Monday..... Can't trust that day....

The Mamas The Papas song MONDAY, MONDAY said most of it. Just can't trust Monday. It basically started out with the internet.... Er. the whole network.... not working. This means no e-mail, no data entry for timekeeping, and basically no computer. That meant the morning was about to come to a stop for our shop. Not to bad except I had some priority items needing attention and could not do anything without the computer being up.
Well in the meantime, the supervisor set down and we began our normal training class around 9am. At almost 10am, all of the phones in our building (And I do mean ALL) began to ring.... simultaneously. Needless to say, this became annoying after the third episode of a barrage of random rings from the phones and so my supervisor shut off the telephones leaving the shop without phones as well.

Well I should get to work... the Internet is up and I have to finish some paperwork.
Have a good Tuesday!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

When life give you the unexpected...

you learn to roll along with it. That is exactly what I did. It started during the second song service when Josh came to our row and asked if someone would hold his young daughter for a second. Slightly in a daze, and happening to be the first to reach, I ended up holding the bright eyed youngster. Anyone who has seen me with a baby will have seen a rather odd expression on my face... mostly because it has to do with the fact that I rarely have anything to do with babies, much less the one who offers to hold them. Luckily, this youngster was in a good mood and she did not even make a sound as her dad made a quick run outside. This is the second time I have had the opportunity (or we will say the surprising unusual event) of being able to hold the baby. Almost un-nerving when you haven't been around young children. I won't say I am getting used to it... but I won't exactly say I can't get used to it. Other than that, services went well with plenty of smiles to go around.

In other news... my adventures have consisted of.... well still nothing. I have registered for a university class mostly to keep my uaf address but to keep my student status as well.

Oh, well some new news, I broke my truck again... this time the ignition broke. I can't start my truck.... again. That poor truck has had a rough winter. With any luck, I can get the rig started tomorrow and maybe figure out the problem.

On another note, I have seen on the blogs that the Lord has continued to bless all during the Thanksgiving holiday. I pray the blessings will continue into the new year and beyond.
Well, I should probably quit rambling... Please drop a hello! on the comments.... I am missing the interaction. It is amazing what a simple 'hi and hello' can do for people. I know that you are reading my blog as much as I am yours and I have been to quiet for the past couple of days.

Enjoy your Monday... it is not as bad as Garfield portrays!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Nothing important......

Well, It seems like it has been ages since I have posted anything with any adventure... keep waiting....

Anyhow, for the past week (since last Sat. ) I have been helping some church friends move out of their house. It is probably is the most work I have done since my previous job a year ago. All of last week went well with a lot of progress on getting stuff moved. It is a shame people can be brought together by a misfortune to another. Anyway, everything has gone well. Everything from the grand piano down to the last nut and bolt has been moved, but we still have one day of work left. The last push will consist of the moving of the last of the furniture, one last smaller piano and some remaining items. It has been a real pleasure to help a friend in need. Work never killed anyone while they were working amongst friends. Anyway, keep us in prayers as we attack the last load with renewed vigor in order to meet the deadline set forth by others. Well I should get to bed. It will be an early holiday weekend morning.

g'nite y'all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, another year has passed and what an I thankfull for? Well let's see....

Not in order mind you!

Being Saved
The wonderful time I had in North Carolina
The job that allowed the vacation to NC
My friends... the ones who have continued (through my trials), the friends who I have recently found (and/or met)
The blogs... which have allowed me to become more outgoing, and allowing me to understand my friends better..
How could I have waited this long.... My new Church
Being able to help a Brother (or Sister) who is in need...
And to many things to list!!!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
Many The Lord Bless....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tim For Feedback!!!!!

Hey folks... I see that the Blogger group (or you) have began to move to blogger Beta. It is now my turn to ask... How do you like it? Please give me your ideas.
If you haven't moved to beta, jrop me a quick hello. The blogs have been quiet lately and I am wondering if anyone is alive.

Any way.. look forward to hearing from ya..

Time For Feedback!!!!!

Hey folks... I see that the Blogger group (or you) have began to move to blogger Beta. It is now my turn to ask... How do you like it? Please give me your ideas.
If you haven't moved to beta, jrop me a quick hello. The blogs have been quiet lately and I am wondering if anyone is alive.

Any way.. look forward to hearing from ya..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When life gives you lemons....

make lemonade.... but when life gives you sour lemons, what then?

That is the question at hand right now. It all started Monday morning at 5am. I got out of bed to start a very cold truck only to find that it would not start. Worried, I plugged in my car (the one I would not drive during the winter) and waited. It was nothing short of a miracle when a cold vehicle starts at -25F and only was plugged in for 45 minutes. After starting the car, I donned my snow gear and prepared to make a cold drive to work. That silly car managed to dance on every ice patch it found. (Rather unnerving if you ask me). Somehow, I still made it to work on time. Things kept getting better and better.... After work, I managed to purchase some studded tires and have them installed on the car. After getting that taken care of, I made track for home to try and hobble the truck to the mechanic... if I could start it. But life had placed another stumbling block for me to trip on. As I got on the last road towards home, a cow moose enters the road way. Thankfully, I had more than enough time to stop. The moose took her time walking onto the road and then stopped... Great, here is a moose and Killer (The cars name) face to face... and the moose begins to walk in my direction. "GREAT! Now she is mad and will stomp the tar out of my car" were the thoughts dashing through my head. I carefully put some distance between me and the moose, and unfortunately, my house. Finally after 10 minutes, a small truck came up the road and the moose walked off. I was to chicken to pass the moose for she was intently watching the field from whence she came. I was not about to get in a fight with a moose protecting a calf.

After finally making it home, and getting my heart started again, I attacked my truck. It finally decided to start. The rest of the evening went okay, but my troubles were not about to end... The forecast was calling for -40F overnight... WONDERFUL, I will be lucky if my car starts at all.

Well this morning rolls around, and I am glad to see that -20F was all we dropped to. After warming the car, I proceeded to drive to work. As I got there, I was dismayed to see my drivers front tire was almost flat. Busting out in an uncontrollable laugh (the kind that get you sent to the funny farm), it took a minute to regain my composure. Ok, what next...... Well I am happy to say nothing (yet). The tire was under warranty, my truck will be out of the shop later this afternoon. Hopefully, things will settle down for a brief period. Trust your day is going better than mine.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick Note...

Just wanted to let you all know that things are getting busy here and I
will only be able to post by e-mail for a while...
In the mean time.... Keep your head up

Friday, November 10, 2006

Have you ever.....

had one of those days where you wake up with so much energy, you have to
make sure not to goof up something simple? That is kind of how I feel this
morning. The long days of the past week had finally caught up with me and
I was completely exhausted by quitting time yesterday. By that time, I had
already decided I was going to go home and camp out for the night. Sadly,
this meant I would miss services... but I felt it was necessary. After
arriving home, I checked to see if my car battery was still charged and
then went inside. After that, I just tinkered on the computer until about
7pm and went to bed shortly thereafter.

The night went well. I only woke up once during the night. Sometime this
morning, I sat bolt upright in bed and with some bewilderment, looked at
my clock which said 5:30am. SHOOT! I am behind schedule! I dashed around
the house, collecting my things and stepping out the door... stopped.
Something does not feel right.... my alarm never went off....and looking
at my watch, noticed the time was 4:30am. Nerts...

So I hopped back into bed, to relax for the remaining hour. When my alarm
finally went off, I was already ready to go. Most of his morning has felt
like I am not quite awake yet...but am trying to curb the sudden energy
surge I seem to have gotten. Hopefully this will continue throughout the
day. Also, Maybe on of these days I will finally fix the clock that
insists on correcting itself to Pacific time and messing with my head :D .
Anyway, I hope your day is and/or as good as mine has been so far.

Keep your head up!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Great News! I just......

....Saved a bunch of money on my car insurance?? Yeah Right.....

Anyhow, Reading the Blogger News and came up with some information you might find helpful. The articleHere.... addresses the new version of Blogger that both I and Jessica have been using. I have to say that the new options are nice, and adding/editing/posting are all easier. The dashboard (Or main menu) looks similar to mine.

Also when you open the 'posts ' screen, it tells you how many comments have been left.

Cool eh?

As for now, no one has to create a beta-blog unless they want to play with the features. At an unspecified date, the blogger team will merge blogs into the new format without any trouble for you.
Well I should get back to a form of work....
Catch y'all later

(Cool, the spell check is easier in Beta as well)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Back to work.....

I trust everyone had a good weekend... Mine went Farly well. I do have to admit I can't wait for spring. (Yes I said it, you can sit back in your chair again and pick your jaw off the floor). Let me clarify... I can't wait for spring so I can find the ring I lost on Friday. I had just got home to take a nap and stepped out of the truck. As I was heading inside, I flipped my hand up to knock some snow off my car when I felt the ring slide off my cold finger. I never did see nor hear where it landed and immediate inspection of the area did not reveal the location of my ring. Being tired most likely contributed to the fact I was not wearing any gloves (like normal). Needless to say, I was rather bummed about loosing the Christmas present from 2 years ago. Even though it is a cheap Hallmark ring, it still holds some sentimental value.

After my nap, I got up to work on my car some. I made an effort to charge the battery but to my dismay, the battery is completely discharged and most likely frozen rendering it useless. (Friday was not my day) The remainder of the evening was spent among friends at the Ham radio club meeting up on Campus. Saturday was rather uneventful and a good day to rest. Sunday went well. No particular surprises came up until after services when a member discovered a new way to wake up sleepy members during services (No names mentioned but I couldn't help needling!) The ever popular 'comfort zone' topic was preached but the Lord worked in the message.

Wow, I managed to ramble about something for a change. My posts seem to be getting longer! Maybe I am still coming out of my shell of shyness... Oh well....Should maybe get to work.... Hey I have an idea, drop a quick comment and let me know how your weekend went!

Keep your toes warm, and a jacket nearby!! -10F this morning

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Funniest thing happened....

It is amazing how the Lord can turn normal events into something unexpected. This morning, a friend and I began chatting (as we normally do in the morning at work) and the conversation slowly turned to the problems they were facing. Through the course of the 'vent' period, just by my being a ear to hear, they were able to verbalize the problem and come to their own conclusion on what they should do, almost all of which I couldn't relate to and therefore gave no input. But my 'God Given Talent' of being a good listener, I was able to help my friend reach a decision. I was glad I could help even though I said little.

It has been my observation that sometimes we all need to 'vent' and in the process of that, find a friend who is willing to listen. I want to personally thank those who I have leaned on that were willing to listen. Most of you know who you are. Anyhow... Thanks for being there.

On a different note, services went well last night. The Pastor preached on leaving the past behind as the Israelites were supposed to do during their exodus from Egypt. We were shown in the bible where we should not live in the past, but not forget it either. The messages preached have all been a blessing from God. I trust and pray that he still worked on your hearts as
he has mine. May God continue to bless us all.. and most importantly, we remember Him.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What a morning. After carefully working my way to work on the towns
largest Ice rink... or trail.... er ah Roads... I made it in one piece. As
I was unlocking the fenced yard, there was this very defined 'WHO WHO'
echoing between the buildings. After recovering from my puzzlement, I had
the bright idea to look... up. At the top of the 30ft tower next to our
building, there stood a Great horned owl (I thing, shadows can hide quite
a bit). Quite a large bird even from a distance. It is always pleasant to
see something out of the ordinary, especially on a day that is not
beginning normal weather wise.. After having freezing mist yesterday, and
freezing mist today, the roads are sure to be slick. I am beginning to
pray that traveling will be good tomorrow afternoon before we have to head
to Church.

Trust things in your world are going well....