Wednesday, August 29, 2007

it lives.... I think.

So.... my last post said something about telling you all about the engagement and how it all happened.... and then I should update on everything..... or so..

Well, The engagement went well, we were blessed with beautiful weather and a soft breeze. We went for a walk that evening and when I finally got the courage up, I asked Spockerel to marry me. Since then our relationship has been growing and is continually being blessed by the Lord. We have grown so close it almost seems like we are already married. Just shy of the paperwork, the current distance and some other things, we act like we are married. Anyhow, right now she is attending grad school and is doing well. I am still in Alaska at my cable job and am surviving. Looks like I will join her state side once we get married in June. I can't wait.

I want to congradulate my friends who recently got married. I am so happy for them and pray the Lord continues to bless them.

That is all for now I guess.. Catch you later. Drop a hello if you havent given up hope on my posting abilities.... I still like to know who stops by.