Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am wanting to say sorry to those who have faithfully been looking at my blog despite the fact that I have been rather poor at communicating. This is soon to be resolved.... I promise. Photos will be included as well and I am hoping to get some ready soon. Please bear with me....

Well, I finally have decided to reveal something I have been hesitant to share with the world... especially after the 10 A** chewing we have received at the wash bay that I work in. For some strange and demented reason.. The owner of the company I work for has been coming down to our wash bay and riding us about how we clean the trucks. It began randomly last week after my performance review. The review itself did not indicate the storm that was brewing. The review by HR and my supervisor went really well and I left with a peace about how I was performing the tasks expected of me. Little did I know that the following Monday would be shot to pieces. Jim, the owner, came to the wash bay and wondered why we were only getting 4 tractor trailers done per day. After a very brief explanation, it was quickly determined that our procedures had to change. Now rather than brushing down the trailers, we were to pressure was them off.. ok easy enough except the soap provided to us does not do much... leaving the trailers looking little better than when they entered the bay. Next, the trucks were to be handled the same way but after the first truck looking like nothing had been done... this was quickly reverted back to hand washing after spraying. Fine and dandy except the frame of the tractor was to be shiny... and the issue of the soap not working was still prevalent. Well after "Hurricane Jim" had passed, this week was beginning to look promising. Well today (as expected) the dirty frame issue again bit us in the butt. Now our supervisor has no choice but to actually get us some new soap (vs claiming he would) and we are again on the firing line. It is hard to go to work now just waiting to get the ax.. worrying if you can pull off another day 'attempting to wash trucks'. At this point this issue and several others have helped me decide to begin looking for another job. If it be the Lords will, maybe soon I will find something that pays better (ie $10 hr) and has a better working environment. please keep this in prayer.

In other things... well to stop the random rumors we catch wind of.... Lauren is still not pregnant... nor are we trying to have kids. Not sure how these rumors start (outside the 'cravings' she gets) nor where they start... I am proud to say that our life has no unexpected additions (or expected). It is amazing that we have almost been married 8 months now... and even more amazing that I am even married and living outside Alaska. With any luck, we will get a chance to travel a bit next summer and see the country.

Well I have to go for now but again I promise.... Pictures soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uhh... Yeah....

So I promised... or at least said that I would post more... but that is kind of hard when your pc dies... which is what happened. My laptop had some kind of hard drive failure and I just recently took the time to get it fixed. But that is no excuse especially since I am actually using my wife's computer. Oh well....

So I am again another year older and this would be my 2nd birthday in Montana. Who knew that I would have ever celebrated my birthday in Montana twice? Even much less with my wife by my side! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful woman as her.

Er.... uh.... well I cant seem to come up with anything worthwile to say... so I guess I will have to come up with somethin'... later. yeah.... (sorry...)