Sunday, June 08, 2008

One week left

Well the week has been good to us and so has our time back in Fairbanks. It is hard to realize that this is only a vacation and that we will have to go back to Montana soon. As Montana is a temporary home but we still acknowledge that Fairbanks is home. It has been great to see our friends and revisit the places that hold some vivid memories for us. Tuesday... for example, we went to the Turtle Club to celebrate our engagement one year ago. (The good thing about being newly married is we have all the excuses for things like this). The rest of the week was followed by being lazy and visiting friends. Friday resulted in a wonderful lunch at Geraldos and a tour to the movie theater for Kung Fu Panda. Friday evening was a night where we took a nice private romantic night in a hotel with a gift card from our engagement party last year. Sunday was a normal day with wonderful sermons.

Well, lets see if I can shed some light on other happenings.

In Montana, I am employed at a trucking company washing 18wheelers. Not a glamorous job but a job none the less. Lauren has finished her first 2 semesters and has only 2 semesters left before completeing the program that brought us to Montana. After she is finished, we hope to discover if the Lord wants us to return to Alaska or if he would have us do something else. Only time will tell. As for starting a family, well... we are holding off until she finishes school.. then we will resume discussions.

Well that is all I think... unless I haven't covered something you want to hear about. If thats the case... please drop a note.

Later All!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Home sweet home!

We have made it to Fairbanks safely and are enjoying our time here. After seeing my Uncle and his wife and seeing my grandparents it is really feeling like a family reunion. I cant wait to see my brother and his wife next week. Hopefuly I will post more soon... but we will see. Later All!