Sunday, January 13, 2008

What ball and chain are you talking about?

So... where do I need to start. I think somewhere in the vicinity of... last month. As last said in my post, Lauren's plane came in town earlier than originally quoted. It was so wonderful to see my bride to be once again as she came back to Fairbanks. Monday, we did some running around town picking up some stuff for the week. Thankfully, I had taken Tuesday off work so I could spend some time with my fiancee.

... mmmm the more I try to think of the past months events... the less I remember.

well, lets resume from where I can remember. The week prior to the wedding was .... interesting. New Years eve was a wonderful. We bagan the evening with the UAF fireworks show. It was one of the better ones that I have seen in the past few years. After the show, we went to a friends house for a new years Lost marathon. wow... I forgot how hard it was to pull an all night shift (lol) after pulling in to Lauren's parents at 4am Jan 1... well, I collapsed with exhaustion. Ahhh, just like when we were all kids... staying up all hours, sleeping in forever.... and what better way than with the one I love! Well, we were gearing up for our wedding shower and I had to stop by work for 2 hours when I discovered that my work had scheduled me and everyone on my shift for a full day of work. Well, needless to say, this put me in a really great mood (yeah right!) A 10 hour shift would ensure that I would miss my party, our wedding party. Well, the Lord worked it out so I was able to get off work at 6:40 pm. That night Lauren and I were able to enjoy opening presents together.

Well, the rest of the week went. Went is the word we will use. 10 hour shifts are a pain in the butt. After 4 days of 10 hour... correction, 12 hour days. I was exhausted and looking forward to my week off.

Well, Sunday rolls around and things could not have been any busier. We were rushing around to get ready for the wedding. Thankfully, we had to go to church that morning so I was able to see my bride to be for at leas half of the day. (so much for tradition!). As time grew close, I took Lauren and her bridesmaid to Sears for a hair appointment. After her appointment she had begun her transformation to the unexplainable beautiful young woman I was about to marry. I thought she was already the most beautiful woman I had seen...but she was about to prove me wrong. When she stepped through the door of the church at AlaskaLand... (outside of being dazed that I was standing there in the first place....) I could not believe it!

The wedding lasted a total 20 minutes, but WOW did it seem long! before we knew it.. I was married to the most wonderful person in my life. The wedding did not exactly go off without a hitch, but the little things were never noticed by anyone else. The wedding reception went well and many of our friends were able to make it to the wonderful event. After things began to wind down... and I royally embarrassed myself with the garter... well we disappeared for the next few days and just enjoyed our selves.

The past few days have been so wonderful! I can not believe I am married to such a wonderful woman who loves me so much, and I her!

I have just spent the last few hours reflecting on the events of the past week.. and seem to have lost my train of thought in the memories of this week and the feelings I have for my wife. Today has been one of the many hard days I will have to endure over the next 10 days. Amongst the distance, I will have to begin packing my things up and preparing to ship those things off. amongst the list of things, our bed and couch are to be shipped. These next few days should prove interesting. Well, I should go.. I expect my bride to be calling here soon... Will try to check on a bit more often..