Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The verdict is......................

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to 'try' to hire me. All I have to do is pass the background check. That should be a breeze! I will let you know more as the saga of GCI unfolds.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Yes.. MySpace.com It is an effort to stay in touch with some of the new friends I am making. Feel free to visit it and if you have an account... make me a friend!


And the final result is....................

Ok so I don't know yet myself... but I will try to post as soon as I know myself. Waiting on pins & needles is not one of my more favorite past-times and the suspense is at least tolerable. Half of the day has passed, and the only time my phone has gone off today is when my Love has sent a text message. Poor Gal, she is waiting in just as much suspense as I am. At least she has the distraction of class to deal with and I.... well I mostly stayed at my parents all morning. This post is probably the most productive thing I have done this morning.... and I started the morning at 6am. How sad is that? Oh well..........

Well that is all I can share nothing about...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Word of the day: Promising.... Job Update...

Well, the interview looks more promising than before... As a matter of fact, they were impressed that I showed up early for a second time in a row. Once again, there was a small list of Canned Questions but they did seem happy with the answers I provided them with. Anyhow, I will have definite knowledge as to whether I got the job or not Monday.. Until then, I am still praying.

Thats all for now....

Alaska Showing it's true nature.....

Well, anyone who has even stopped in Fairbanks overnight will tell you it is cold! With nightly lows reaching -43F, vehicles are beginning to complain... and some need to be coaxed to start. My car was among that group yesterday. I had to borrow a big battery charger to revive the car.. and I still have to resurrect the cold truck! No worries, it is rather hard to prevent me from seeing my girlfriend every day this week.. and what a week it has been. Why, just yesterday, she found out that the University of Wyoming has accepted her in to the Grad program, and are even willing to give her a Teachers Assistant position! I could not be more happy for her! She is still waiting for more acceptance letters to filter in so she may have a variety to choose from come this fall. I want to ask that you keep her in prayer as she seeks the Lord's will about how to proceed this fall.

My Radar skills tells me that you are wondering if the fact of her leaving state for a time distresses me. Why no! Should it? From my perspective, who am I to get in the way of the Lord's plan... and why should I worry when I fully believe the Lord has brought us together, allowed us to build such a relationship. If anything, I believe that if the Lord chooses that she leaves... it will be a strengthening and growing period for us. I will honestly admit that I would like her to stay..... but committed to the continuing of this relationship as long as God allows. As it is, I really believe this may eventually lead to marriage (ok so a rather bold statement for my typical blog post).
Well between that statement, and a Text message from my sweetheart.... I should probably go. I will try to post later on the development on my second interview which is in 3 hours.

Keep the car warm, and a blanket nearby..... ITS COLD!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The question of the day is.........

' Well how did the interview go??' I can honestly say... I am not sure. I went in to the interview and my potential supervisor asked a series of 'canned' questions which I answered to my best ability. After the main interview, it was explained the hours that I most likely would work, and to my dismay... It seems like they could/would start me out on 8am- 5pm Thursday through Tuesday. That means I most likely would miss Sunday church. *sigh* I would really prefer not to work on Sundays..... but if this is the job I am supposed to have... well..... then....... Lets just say that I hope the Lord makes it clear about the job. I am scheduled to go back for a second interview this Friday and we will see how it goes from there. Overall, the job is shaping up to being something I can easily do.... installing phone lines, Cable internet, cable TV and a myriad of other things. Electronics..... how do you like that! I was not sure if I should continue in the field but it does seem I am supposed to.
Anyway, the interview, and the prep work prior to the interview took most of the morning. After the interview, Mom and I went to a friends house and visited. Due to the -40F weather we are having right now, Mom's vehicle did not want to work right so my brother and I were car pooling with Mom. Around lunch, I left for campus to catch up with my girl in between classes. We had arranged to have one of her friends to take a picture of us together. After visiting for a bit, she continued on to her next class and I went to pick up Mom and take her home. Later yesterday evening, I again headed to campus and picked up my girlfriend for a date. We drove out to Chena Hot Springs Resort for dinner and to see some of the mushers come in to the checkpoint. We were able to have a wonderful evening together before I took her home. It is truly amazing how the Lord has continued to bless our relationship.

Yes I have to admit that she has stole my heart.... but I don't want to steal it back! hehe. The Lord has blessed in so many ways. I could not ask for a better young lady.
Well that pretty much brings you up to speed. I should get moving here and maybe I will warm up a bit. We have been pampered by all of these warm temperatures that -40F is a bit chilly (I did not cay cold!!)


Monday, February 19, 2007

Great News.....

Ok, so it may not be that great, but it really is what I was waiting for. I finally received a call from one potential employer asking to setup a interview. The position is an entry technician position with a local Tel Co (telephone company) installing phone/cable systems in users homes. This is really encouraging for it is really the first reply on any of the applications I have submitted since my unemployment (excluding BLM). It is also unique that my girlfriend and I were just discussing that a job opportunity would probably present itself being that our relationship has been growing with such ease, so smoothly that we are just waiting for the trial that will begin to test our relationship. We are both confident that Lord willing... we will come through these up coming trials and will have a much stronger relationship.

Anyhow... the main point of the post was to ask for prayer about my interview..
Keep smilin'!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Sun is shining, The birds are singing......

and I am in a really..... really good mood. On top of getting some rest last night, the past few days have almost been a blur but they have been memorable. Monday was semi-par but some of you may have found me in a odd mood prior to my class.... but I was able to settle the thoughts that had been disturbing me. Tuesday was unique, since I can actually say I went on a 'date' for the first time. My sweetheart's company was throwing a 'going away' party for all of the employees that had worked at the facility. I met her prior in the day on campus to iron out the minor details and arrange to pick her up later that evening. After her last class, we got together and began to travel to the restaurant where the party was to take place. After a rather large meal, I then took her home.. and stayed to visit with her and her parents.
Wed. rolled around and I again found myself on campus waiting for her to get out of class so we could visit before our Valentines Day plans were to take place. After spending some wonderful time together, we went our respective directions until the movie 'Music and Lyrics' was to start. For a Valentines Day movie, it was not the 'chick flick' we had anticipated. Actually, it was rather a funny movie.
After all, how else should you end your Valentines Day other than spending time with your girl? In my mind, this will be one week never to forget... and this small post will help me remember hehe. I trust everyone else had a wonderful Valentines day....

Until the next time I feel chatty.....(and as Red Green sez:) Keep your stick on the ice!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

What is Valentines?

Dictionary.reference.com val·en·tine n.
    1. A sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member, for example, on Saint Valentine's Day.
    2. A gift sent as a token of love to one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.
  1. A person singled out especially as one's sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day.
One friend of mine summed this week up with the phrase "singles awareness week". To some this upcoming day of Saint Valentine's Day means a day filled with love and romance where others consider this a rather depressing holiday.
As for me, I am not sure what to think of it this year. I have to admit that it WILL be different from the past years since the Lord seems to have allowed me to meet a wonderful and beautiful lady. The time we have been spending together is definitely drawing us closer. It is a good feeling that her whole family (even the cats) have taken a liking to me. It was rather funny at her parents yesterday for one of their cats completely snubbed his normal lap partner to snugly rest in my lap. Boy for not generally liking cats, I sure made an instant friend.

Boy, that post feels really short but it is all I want to share... publicly. Please keep us in prayer...

PS. Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just a quick Stop by

Just wanted to share this picture of what the days have been looking like over the past week. Hope you like it. It was taken on the UAF campus facing south towards Denali. Oh by the way, this is at 9:30Am when the sun is beginning to rise. Here is the current Daylight Information:
Sunrise at 9:14 AM
Sunset at 4:58 PM
Duration of day: 7 hours, 43 minutes (6 minutes, 47 seconds longer than yesterday)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stars, Northern lights, and a great friend

Well, yesterday ended on a high note. This is not to say that the day was poor, but it too was upbeat. After playing chauffeur for my brother (who's car is down), I was able to catch up with my girl-friend and spend some time together. As we went our separate ways later, I finished killing time before picking up my brother from work and taking him to get his car from the mechanic. As Murphy would have it, his newly fixed car... broke down yet again, and we had not even got to North Pole. After calling Mom to come help us figure out what to do, and her arrival, we began to discuss how to get the car back to the mechanic. The Lord was watching out for us.... for a tow-truck happened to stop by and offer a tow. That saved us from having to figure out which tow company to call, and not to mention wasting time to wait for the truck. After that was taken care of, I proceeded out to CHSR to help my friends work on their house.
Later after we go some work done, I left there and began to point my car to my girl-friend house before heading home. Getting there, we both set out for a long walk around the block. The skies were clear and full of stars and the Northern Lights were slowly meandering through the sky.
It has been some time since I stopped to gaze at the stars, but it was nice to have a friend nearby and to just enjoy our visit. That visit helped top off yet another wonderful day in Fairbanks.
And as usual (here lately) I still ask for Prayer as the friendship continues to develop between us.

That is all for now, I think I will watch the beautiful sunrise!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not that time of year....again!!!!

I though I would pop on before Church this morning and hey hello! The past few days seems to have brought me in contact with my various friends and I was able to fill them in on missing details that they have been 'dying' to know.. the popular question of Who is she? seems to be on every ones mind.... and probably still will be for some. I mean hey, I still haven't decided to change how I post on my blog.....so if you want more information..... well, call or e-mail! I would be more than happy to share with you!
In other things.... the super bowl is flooding the TV today and I aim to be as far away from football as I can get.. so I will be relaxing to a DVD after church today. I have never liked football, much less understood it.

Well that is my mini-rant of the day. To many other good thing happening to worry about football rants.
Well, I'm off to services!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Day in the.... tropics??

It is rather hard to believe it but the temps here are still above 0F. The average low for the past few days has been 11F and during the day.... well lets say around 20F. The skies are clear this morning and the sunrise is sure to be beautiful. Other than that, life is still normal in Fairbanks. I am sure you are curious as to what has happened over the pas few days... and I am here to report... Not much. After messing up my leg during snow removal on Monday, I have been taking it easy and trying not to do much. Today is the first day I can move around with minimal pain. At least the injury is not seeming to be as serious as I was worried about.
Other happenings... well the Badger Den bar and grill finally caught fire last night. It is surprising it has not gone up sooner. As far as I know, no one was hurt and after driving by... it looked like most of the damage was limited to the inside of the building.
Still no word on any jobs.. but I did finally get paid some Unemployment just in time for bills. The Lord is still blessing me in both personal and financial ways.

Gee that seems to be all that I can ramble about today. Guess I have talked until my heart is content here lately.
Well catch ya Later!!