Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Forgotten but not lost...

Yeah, I forgot about the blog.... forgot to post, visit etc.

Well, let us see...... yeah.... Fairbanks. Our remaining time in Fairbanks went very fast and before we quite realized it, it was time to leave. Sunday was packed full of activities and we only had 8 hours to do it in. It was so full.... we actually managed to miss the luggage check in by 5 minutes. We had to reschedule to 11pm. Go figure, I never left out of Fairbanks before 11pm. Our 1am flight went well and we were able to make our remaining connections and even make it back into Missoula in time for me to work the next day. I want to say that all has gone well but there have been some rocks in the road. After some issues (which shall not be named) we had decided to move to a new place. After a couple of weeks of sheer insanity, we are now moved into a neat little 1 bedroom house. We almost have all of our stuff moved out and should only have a couple of hours left. In the mean time some friends from Fairbanks have come down to visit us. It has been a real pleasure having them here and (for me) getting to know them better. During the day I still have been working but my wife has been going around and showing them the sights and sounds of Montana. Today, Whitefish was on the schedule. Right now, they are on the way back.

Ok so watching a movie and maintaining a coherent thought is impossible.
Anyhow, we do now have internet at home and should be able to post more often. Hopefully I have not lost the interest of my friends....
Catch you later!